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Orders list

Retrieving the orders list.

To obtain a list of all orders created in your account, it is necessary to make a GET request following the parameters provided below:






The parameters for this request must be passed to the end-point via headers.

ParamsTypeDefault valuesDescription
apistringundefinedYour API Key
secretstringundefinedYour Secret


curl -X 'GET' \
'' \
-H 'accept: application/json' \
-H 'api: [Your API]' \
-H 'secret: [Your Secret]'

Server Responses:

Status 200:


Response Example value:

"application": "CHECKOUT",
"status": "created",
"subtotal": 1000,
"total": 1000,
"fee": 0,
"rate": 5,
"discount": {
"fixed": 0,
"percentage": "0"
  • application: States what application is using this order, values can be Checkout, Swap, Exchange.
  • status: Shows the status of the current order.
  • subtotal: Displays the cost of this order without fee values.
  • total: Represents the total cost of the order including fees.
  • fee: Fee values when applies.
  • rate: It's the base US Dollar quotation regarding Brazilian Real, at the momment the order was created.
  • discount/fixed: Discount values when applies.
  • discount/percentage: Discount percent, when applies.

Status 403:


See and test our API on Swagger.