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Get in touch with our Customer Relationship Department by sending an E-mail to email in order to get access to our API or even to get more information regarding its implementation.

Getting API Keys

Right after getting access, go to menu > "API" then click on the "Gerar chave" button.

Well done!, a new API Key was issued for you account, now you will see the following information:

apiIt's a 10 digit HASH representing the Public Key ID.
secretThe 32 digits HASH that represents your Private Key.

You need to pass the Keys inside the requisition via HEADER to our API.


After the API Keys issuing process you will be shown your Private keys one only time, and after that, you will not be able to see the same Private Key any more, so make sure you write them down in a safe place so you don't lose that information, in case you miss that time to save the keys you will need to issue a new pair of keys in order to keep using our API. The rate limit for all our end-points is 100reqs/sec API.

Setting your requisition up

You can test our API's end-points by using Postman, Insominia or any other API software tool.

Once you've got the Keys, it will be required to set the headers of the application up by following this pattern:

headers: {
api: <YOUR_API_ID>

Not all of our End-points need a reference to your Private key inside the Headers, you can check where is specifically needed by consulting our Swagger.