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Welcome to Bembit

Bembit is a technology service that provides what is needed to connect your application to the Cryptocurrencies universe.

In this documentation you can explore all our products and functionalities offered via API for further implementation in you own apps.

This is a public documentation that can be used as a reference to all available services on Bembit.

More information about all our End-points can be found on

Production environment URL

Need some extra help?

In case you still have any doubts about Bembit, you can get in touch to our Help center or contact our Customer Support:

Help Center:

Our Help Center acts as a full guide for you to find faster, the answer of any doubt you could have. On it, you can browse our FAQs with their explanations related to our bussiness. It can be accessed by clicking the following link: Contact Us.

Customer Relationship Department:

Is the team in charge of answering any question about Bembit's products or implementations. They will get in touch by answering any question sent to [email protected].

Customer Support:

The team meant to aid our customers solve any technical issues. Our Customer Support gets in touch only via tickets, that can be issued by sending your questions to [email protected].

API Reference

Bembit's API was developed following the best standards REST.

All operations are made by sending requests to our end-points , following the HTTP standards, with JSON encoded body messages. The responses can be handled using HTTP status codes. That allows any app to consume our API in a clear and simple way, no matter what programation languaje is used.